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Peertechz Journal of Environmental Science and Toxicology is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal with reputable academics and experts. It is designed for the prompt publication peer-reviewed articles in the scope of the subject. Journal intended for professionals and researchers in all

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Editorial Board

Kirthiram Krishnaveni Sivakumar
Department of Toxicology
Texas A&M University

Research Interest: Invito and invivo toxicology, Reproductive biology, Endocrine toxicology, Studying the effect of Endocrine disruptors and cancer biology.

Geir Bjorklund
Founder and President
Council for Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Research Interest: Nutritional Biochemistry; Vitamins; Minerals; Trace Elements; Environmental Medicine; Toxic Metals; Metal Toxicology; Mental Health; Autism Spectrum Disorder; ADHD; Neurology; Psychiatry.

Pinjia Meng
College of Forensic Science
China Peoples Public Security University

Research Interest: Separation science: electrophoresis, chromatography; Analysis of drugs in biological specimens (urine, blood, hair etc.) by GC/MS and CE; Analysis of shampoo residue in hair by HPLC; Identification of ink writing age in document; Chiral separtion by GC and CE.

Tan Thuan Chew
University Sains Malaysia

Research Interest: Coconut water: Chemistry and product development; Alternative food: From feed to food; Food Engineering: Unit Operations in Food Engineering.   

Agnieszka Scibior
Laboratory of Oxidative Stress
Center for Interdisciplinary Research, John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Research Interest: Vanadium, magnesium, bioelements, toxicity of selected elements, mechanisms of toxicity, oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation, antioxidants, total antioxidant status, metal interactions, biomarkers, organs/tissues, nephrotoxicity, bone morphology, bone formation markers, markers of iron status/anemia, metal transporters, experimental toxicology, clinical chemistry.

Danuta Mielzynska
Institute of Occupational Medicine & Environmental Health

Research Interest: Environmental and Human Biological Monitoring, Environmental Health and Medicine, Genetic Toxicology.

Dimitris Alexakis
Senior Researcher
National and Technical University of Athens

Research Interest: Geology, Geochemistry, Environmental Geochemistry, Aqueous Geochemistry, Drinking Water Quality, Trace elements, Inorganic contaminants, Water and Soil Quality, Groundwater Contamination, Environmental Impact Assessment, Soil-Water Interactions, Cation Exchange Processes in Hyporheic Sediments, Geochemical Modeling

Franklin Obiri-Nyarko
Department of Environmental Protection and Cartography

Research Interest: Soil and groundwater contamination and remediation, Mineral Carbon sequestration, Geochemical cycling of trace elements in natural and perturbed environments, Groundwater and solute transport modelling in porous media.

Hardesh Kumar Maurya
Department of Medicinal Chemistry

Research Interest: Environmental friendly Chemistry   Design, synthesis, QSAR study and biological evaluation of novel Bisheteroarenes as potent Antitubercular Agent from Enaminopyrimidines.

Poopal Ramakrishnan
Department of Zoology
Bharathiar University

Research Interest: Toxicology – Research, Teaching and Manuscript Writing, Publication, Learning New Techniques.

Somayeh Farhang Dehghan
Department of Occupational Health
Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Research Interest: Occupational Health, Air pollution, Noise Pollution, Air Filtration, Heat Stress.

H A Tennekes
Experimental Toxicology Services Zutphen

Research Interest: Pesticide Risk Assessment.

Maja Dj. Djurendic-Brenesel
Institute of Forensic Medicine
Clinical Center Vojvodina

Research Interest: Toxicological analysis of biological and samples of seized drugs, drug metabolism, Forensic toxicology.

Maria Giulia Lionetto
Department of Fundamental Ecology
University of Salento

Research Interest: Epithelial Physiology, Effects of Environmental Pollutants on Animal Physiology, Pollution Biomarkers in Aquatic and Terrestrial Organisms, Bioassay Development for Toxicity and Ecotoxicity Assessment

Leong Yin-Hui
National Poison Centre of Malaysia
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Dr Leong Yin-Hui is a researcher in National Poison Centre of Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). She obtained her PhD in Food Safety in 2011 from USM. She had served as a post-doctoral fellow in USM for 3 years and has more than 3 years of working experiences in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

Dr Leong’s research interests have been focused on the public health, food safety, food analysis and new drug compounds or contaminants discovery in clinical, environmental and food matrices. Currently, she is actively involves in the research of persistent organic pollutants (POPs), for example dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs in human breast milks, food and environmental samples; investigation of the efficacy of various plant extracts in antifungal and aflatoxins inhibition properties and other researches related to food and nutritional security. The outcomes of the studies have been published in both the national and international journals. 

           Dr Leong also provide advisory services and training to students, industries or government sectors on Food Safety, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), LC-MS/MS instrumentation as well as contract research on demand. As a food scientist, Dr Leong knows very well how important of safe and high quality food for mankind and how to prevent deterioration or improve the quality of food. Food safety is considered to be a basic requirement of food quality and it involves the safe and acceptance levels of various natural or chemical contaminants which can render a food injurious to health leading to acute or chronic disease.

Research Interest: Risk Assessment Of Natural Or Chemical Contaminants, Food Safety And Public Health.

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Prevalence of Respiratory Symptoms, Bronchial Asthma and Obstructive Lung Disease among Tannery Workers

Published On: January 30, 2017 | Pages: 033 - 042

Author(s): Asad Jamall*, Atif Mehmood, Fehmida Khatoon, Tuula Putus, Heikki Savolainen and Jyrki Liesivuori
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Fluoride Sources, Toxicity and Its Amelioration: A Review

Published On: January 21, 2017 | Pages: 021 - 032

Author(s): Vijay K Bharti*, Arup Giri and Krishna Kumar
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Haze Disaster in South East Asia: An Urgent Study on the Effect of Dioxins to the Firefi ghters

Published On: January 20, 2017 | Pages: 019 - 020

Author(s): Yin-Hui Leong*, Ahmad Shalihin Mohd Samin and Mohamed Isa Abdul Majid
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Evaluation of Physico-Chemical Parameters and Minerals Status of Different Water Sources at High Altitude

Published On: January 18, 2017 | Pages: 010 - 018

Author(s): Vijay K Bharti*, Arup Giri and Krishna Kumar
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Present Status and Future Perspectives on Dioxins/Furans and Polychlorinated Biphenyls Policies in Malaysia

Published On: January 03, 2017 | Pages: 005 - 009

Author(s): Nurul Izzati Azmi, Yin-Hui Leong* and Mohamed Isa Abdul Majid
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Physico-Chemical Factors of Lubilanji River (Oriental Kasaï Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Published On: January 03, 2017 | Pages: 001 - 004

Author(s): André Kabamba Mulangu, Isaac Ekyamba Shabani and Alidor Busanga Kankonda*
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Vitamin D Deficiency: A Global Health Problem

Published On: January 26, 2016 | Pages: 023 - 024

Author(s): Geir Bjørklund*
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Hospital Antibiotic Wasting and Evaluation of Potential Ecologic Effects

Published On: January 07, 2016 | Pages: 012 - 022

Author(s): Russell F Mankes* and Charles D Silver
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Boron Levels in Drinking Water Sources from the Volcanic Area of Sicily (South Italy): Risk Evaluation of Developing Chronic Systemic Effects

Published On: January 05, 2016 | Pages: 008 - 011

Author(s): Chiara Copat*, Maria Fiore, Alfina Grasso, Giovanni Arena, Angela Dimartino, Gea Oliveri Conti, Salvatore Sciacca and Margherita Ferrante
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Seasonal Changes of Microbial Load in Some Sea Foods from Buguma and Ekerekana Creeks, Niger Delta, Nigeria

Published On: January 05, 2016 | Pages: 001 - 007

Author(s): Olajunmoke Modupe Edun, Ojo Andrew Akinrotimi* and Oluwaseun Opeyemi Makinde
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