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Peertechz Journal of Forensic Science and Technology

Legal aspects of Forensics

Published On: April 26, 2018 | Pages: 009 - 017

Author(s): Siniša Franjić*
Forensics is the scientific discipline concerned with proving criminal offenses. It proves in a way that an investigator collects, documents and analyzes all facts related to the crime. The most important task of the investigator is to collect the largest possible number of pieces of evidences that connect to a criminal offense. ...
Abstract View Full Article View DOI: 10.17352/pjfst.000011

Rigor Mortis and News obtained by the Body’s Scientific Reconstruction of the Turin Shroud Man

Published On: January 26, 2018 | Pages: 001 - 008

Author(s): Bevilacqua M, Concheri G, Concheri S, Fanti G, Rodella S
After various tentative to artistically build a tridimensional form of the Turin Shroud (TS) Man, the authors faced the problem of the scientific construction of a 3D model of this Man with an accuracy of the order of 1 cm. ...
Abstract View Full Article View DOI: 10.17352/pjfst.000010