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Research article writing skills – Need of the Hour

Recently, Peertechz conducted a survey among a selected group of peer-reviewers to know the reasons of article rejection. An amazing fact was revealed that an important and honest research gets rejected if it is not culminating in a well written article. A frequent mistake made by the authors is not to follow the guidelines to develop an article. 

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Journal of Dental Problems and Solutions (JDPS) is now indexed in Index Copernicus International (ICI) Journals Master List. The ICV is 85.15.

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that is involved in the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, the oral mucosa and of adjacent and related structures and tissues, particularly in the maxillofacial (jaw and facial) area.

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IBI : 2016: 3.1 | Journal of Dental Problems and Solutions

IBI factor is a measure of evolution of a journal. It is a tool in the hands of a researcher to identify a better evolved journal either to publish his/ her research, or to source articles from, to aid his research.

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A gateway to knowledge dissemination - Membership with Peertechz Publications Pvt Ltd

Membership is a good practice to gain access to information, resources, professional development, valuable networking and leadership opportunities. An annual membership with Peertechz ensures that scholars publish regularly and their valuable works are widely read and circulated. A membership helps in creating high impact and quality for papers for an international range of readers.

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Collaborate with Open Access Journals Publisher to propel your firm

The synergy created from working collaboratively result in greater accomplishments than each group working on its own could ever hope to achieve. If you work separately, it will fragment the efforts and the resources, possibly leading to less accomplishment.

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Privacy Policy: A necessity to safeguard our scholars

Privacy and trust are two important ingredients for the success of an online publication. For Peertechz, transparency is important to operate in good faith and to develop an understanding that we are not misusing any data that we gather and are operating in the most upstanding way possible.

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Introducing Language editing

Peertechz is pleased to start a new platform on language editing to improve guidance and services for authors. This new platform provides support for language editing and translation, visuals, consulting, or anything else academics need to get their research submission-ready.

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Indicators of a genuine Open Access Journal

An increasing number of scholars are seeking to publish their work in open access journals due to wider dissemination and better visibility of their work. Therefore, Peertechz has come up with some indicators that can help you to identify right open access publication:

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Open Access (OA) - Future of Scholarly Communication

Allowing scientific research to be freely available is increasingly important for many researchers and funding organizations. The thought is that if research is freely available, it can be built upon with ease and used to further scientific discovery. These breakthroughs, in turn, can lead to economic and social improvements that will better society.

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Creative Commons – De Facto Standard for Open Access

The role of intellectual property in research has long been a conflict-ridden issue. As a remedy, Creative Commons, a non-profit organization developed very popular set of licenses focused on making creative works available for discovery and reuse.

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Conflict of Interest disclosure: Building trust in Open Access

Transparency in elucidating Conflict of Interest plays an important role in gaining scholars trust in the scientific process and the credibility of articles published in different journals. Generally, a Conflict of Interest exists when an author/editor/reviewer has a personal interest or belief that could affect his or her objectivity towards publication of a quality article. There can be many reasons for Conflict of Interest such as honoraria, personal relationships or rivalries, academic competition, and intellectual beliefs/biases.

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Special Issues - Value of publishing

Peertechz has initiated special issue publication in all the journals. These special issues may focus on a current topic or an event or conference, or they may play a role in marking a significant knowledge in a particular field. The Special issues articles are often read more and highly cited therefore they attract more attention than regular issues. Peertechz ensures and carefully manage that many special issues do not lead to copy backlogs.

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