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Dra. M.M. Alguacil Garc�a

University of Murcia
Journal Associated: Biography:
Research Interest: She is researcher plant-soil sustainability group at CEBAS (CSIC) and is specialized on soil ecology, soil microbiology, plant-microbe interactions (especially mycorrhizal fungi), biological diversity and the drivers of ecosystem sustainability. My research showed that mycorrhizal fungi play a key role in ecosystems by stimulating biological diversity, nutrient acquisition, plant productivity and soil structure. I have published several key papers, including several book chapters. I obtained several grants as principal investigator focusing on the effects of plant symbionts on plant productivity and ecosystem functioning and I am involved in several other projects as co-applicant or collaborator. My current research interests include: (1) the impact of mycorrhizal fungi and soil biodiversity on plant productivity and ecosystem functioning, and (2) development of sustainable farming systems.

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