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Hanaa Salah El Desoky

Tanta University
Journal Associated: Open Journal of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry Biography:
Research Interest

1.Preparation of different chemically modified solid electrodes and study their response toward the electrochemical behavior of some biologically active compounds and metal ions. 2. Electrochemical study of the optimal operational conditions of linear-sweep, differential-pulse and square wave stripping voltammetric methods for trace determination of various biologically active compounds and metal ions in bulk form using the mercury electrode and the prepared chemically modified solid electrodes. 3.Optimization of the operational conditions of chromatographic, and spectrophotometric methods for determination of various biologically active compounds. 4. Applications of the optimized analytical methods for determination of the investigated metal ions in real samples (potable water and ground water) and biologically active compounds (in their pharmaceutical formulations, in real biological fluids and for potable pharmacokinetic studies). 5. Treatment of wastewaters (Decolorization / de

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