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Jyoti Sethi

Journal Associated: Annals of Marine Science Biography:
Research Interest: I. Ethno medicine (medicinal plants) 1. Ocimum sanctum 2. Aloe vera, 3. Wheat grass Triticum aestivum, 4. Trigoenella Foenum Graecum 5. Myristica fragrans 6. Momordica charantia II. Animal Experimentation 1. Handling of animals (rabbit, rats 2. Experimental procedures 1. Tracheal cannualation to record respiration 2. Arterial cannulation to record blood pressure 3. Isolation of carotid sinus 4. Isolation of vagus nerve III. Nutrition Physiology and nutritional models 1. Study of medicinal plants as preventive and therapeutic agent 2. Induction of oxidative stress in animals and studying the therapeutic role of medicinal plants. IV. Metabolic disorders 1. Preparing animal models of Metabolic Disorders by induction of diabetes mellitus, Hypercholesterolemic animals. V. Electrophysiological Studies 1. Nerve conduction velocity (Motor & Sensory)  

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