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Peertechz Publisher ID: 10.17352

Pavan Rajanahalli

University of Florida
Journal Associated: Studies on Stem Cells Research and Therapy Biography:

Research Interest: Cell culture, Stem cell culture and differentiation into 3 germ layers (human, mouse and rat ESCs and iPSCs ), mesenchymal stem cells (human umbilical cord stem cells, canine adipose tissue stem cells, rat bone marrow stem cells) and various cancer cell lines (N2a neuroblastoma cells, A375, A549), neural stem cells (mouse, human, rat and marmoset), 3D stem cell culture. Molecular Biology -PCR, Q-PCR, plasmid DNA isolation, RNA isolation, western blotting, co-immunoprecipitation, immunocytochemistry, micro array analysis, ChIP, bisulfite modification, gene expression analysis using Qlucore and DAVID, transfection (neon and lipofectamine), lentiviral transduction. Microscopy-Extensive experience in confocal and fluorescence microscopy. Animal Handling-Rats and mice, rat embryo dissection, microinjection (blastocyst injection), chimera formation, rat umbilical cord and embryonic fibroblast isolation and bone marrow isolation.

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